5-minute film review: Go For It! (2011)

Go For It! by Carmon Marron is an indie, all no-name fantastic film. A dance movie with an actual plot, it follows Carmen, a large-eyed Latina teenager who is a hip hop dance fanatic. Wow, what a breath of fresh air it is to see a movie about Latinos that doesn’t resort to dusty stereotypes, but instead draws you into their world and culture. Animated conversations over dinner with the huge family, Spanglish, cross-generational accusations, sibling support and tension, and parents with different accents to their children are some of the touches that draw you into their world. The film centers on the struggle of a young girl to navigate school, a hardass teacher with more than meets the eye, a boyfriend who loves her but comes from a different world, and keeping her passion even when facing unspeakable pain. See it if you get the chance!


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