I know, I know, I know. Yet ANOTHER blog about entertainment and the media. I mean, there’s Vulture, Vanity Fair, countless others, the tabloid sites and even HuffPo and New York Times dipping their toes in the water now and then. What could possibly be left to say?

Much of the critique focuses on storylines, casting, quality and news. While this blog will have a lot of reviews – a LOT- it will also pay attention to many of the producer’s good and bad habits, particularly in to representation and culture. How well do we do at making media that reflects who we are? is a running theme. And yes, it’s also a way for me to manage my TV addiction into something vaguely resembling productivity.

So if you’ve ever laughed outright at your television, pointing the finger and yelling ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?’ or looked around the room to see if you’re being pranked (looking at you, True Detective Season 2), this is the blog for you.

I welcome your comments and suggestions!



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